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Influencer Online Popup Shops
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collaborate directly with brands

Differentiate your offering from others in your space by having products submitted directly to you to be feature in your shop.

Raqk provides a shop destination that strengthens your independence and facilitates the ability to build long term relationships directly with Brands.

Stand out from the crowd by collaborating directly and personally.

You are in control of what products you accept in your shop and what % commission offers you accept.

raqk popup shop influencer custom collabs
raqk popup shop realtime purchase data

real-time purchase data

It’s time to own more than just the likes, shares, clicks, and comments.

With Raqk, you have a complete database of every single person who has ever purchased from your shop.

  • You know what they buy.
  • You know how much they spend.
  • You know their contact email.
  • You know what they like.
  • You know your customers.

Cultivate a more personal and intimate connection and enhance your understanding of the products that delight your audience.

raqk popup shop realtime purchase data

own the shop experience

Provide the shop experience your audience expects and the one you deserve. Your audiences should be experiencing a shop destination worthy of your Brand.

Take it to the next level and provide a seamless purchase experience from discovery to checkout.

No Redirecting. No Plugins. Just built-in Style & Control.

Customize your shop with ease from adding your logo to connecting your Instagram feed all with only a few clicks.

raqk popup shop own the shop experience
raqk popup shop realtime payment

real-time payment

Get paid real-time on each customer purchase where you can earn up to 87% commission. The percent commission is determined by each Brand for each product event where you control what commission offers you accept. When a customer makes a purchase, the commission you earn is processed real-time.

  • No payout minimums.
  • No payment schedules.
  • No purchase orders or invoices.
  • No more chasing down payments.
raqk popup shop realtime payment

a fresh collection in a forever destination

Your Raqk Shop is more than just products featured on a webpage. It’s your exclusive shop destination that lets you:

  • Gain insights into product demand through requested comebacks.
  • Capture customer emails through an insider newsletter sign up.
  • Provide product exclusives only available in your shop.
  • Incite a sense of FOMO with limited-time product events.
  • Deepen customer relationships through access to purchase data.
  • Receive product submissions directly from Brands.
  • Elevate your Brand story with blog content right in your shop.
  • Provide a consistent shopper experience from discovery to purchase.
  • Have your own marketplace which you curate.
raqk popup shop forever destination

an innovative new channel to share content

With just a few clicks, control your audience’s experience by adding your own content to each product you feature, giving you a whole new channel to share content.

Add your own images, blog content, or even a YouTube or Vimeo video to each product listing. Then share the product with those you inspire.

The product is submitted by the Brand but customized by you – collaborations made easy.

raqk popup shop new channel to share content

Beautifully Simple

How it Works

Step 1

Place your shop invite link on your contact page and send out your shop invite to Brands you want to feature in your shop.

Step 2

Receive link to Product Event and review details. Click Accept & Go Live to make product instantly available in your shop.

Step 3

Receive payment and customer orders real-time in your own raqk dashboard.

What will you Raqk?

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