Create your own beautiful shop destination for all the products you recommend.

The better way for your audience to find the products you feature and discover

beautiful shop destinations for influencers
beautiful shop destinations for influencers mobile

Finally, shops built for Influencers, Publishers, Creators & Vloggers where your content merges with commerce & you can earn more.

monetize holistically, collaborate freely, grow beautifully

Your raqk shop allows you to easily feature products from any affiliate network, Brand collaboration, ambassador program, or from anywhere on the web in an all-inclusive shop experience.

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Marketplace Submissions Built Right In

Marketplace Submissions Built Right In

Each raqk shop includes built-in marketplace technology that allows you to work directly with Brands and earn commission without the need for an affiliate network. Whether a paid collaboration, ambassador program, or Brand partnership, Brands can now submit products directly to you to be purchasable in your shop as they do for other marketplaces.

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we give you the control, flexibility, and tools to monetize more effectively

However you connect with your audience, be it on YouTube, Instagram, your blog or even a forum, Raqk provides the right tools to publish stunning shop experiences that work for you.

No plugins, no themes to setup, no apps to download, no coding, just built-in style and control.

example gear blog shop post example gear blog shop example ambassador blog shop
example vlogger shop post example vlogger shop example fashion shop
example collector shop post example collector shop example foodie shop
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Feature any link or any coupon code for any product in one easy to share location.

your link in bio turbo-charged & your voice amplified

Your raqk shop allows you to do much more than just mention a product in a post, link a product in your bio, or tag a product in a photo. It’s your exclusive shop destination that lets you monetize at scale by featuring multiple products from any affiliate network, Brand collaboration, ambassador program, or from anywhere on the web in a beautiful, stunning portfolio.

customizable with your content. curated from your voice. built for growth.

Customize your shop to match your style by personalizing the shop header, adding videos, images and more
Elevate your Brand Story with blog content right in your shop
Easily share collections with one link that create a focused shop experience for your audience
Integrate with the leading shop the look affiliate widgets
Capture customer emails and grow your customer base through an exclusive newsletter sign up
Be more insightful with click tracking, page views, and audience engagement analytics
Incite a sense of excitement by featuring limited-time product events & offers only available in your shop
Provide your audience with Social Share Links for each product to spread the word
Connect your Instagram feed and display your social links to attain more follows
Review direct product submission from Brands and accept offers with higher commission with one click
Invite Brands to feature products in your shop with your dedicated Shop Invite
Secure your own contact form, profile page, & shop vanity URL
Advance into a fully integrated marketplace with a seamless multi-vendor checkout, real-time payment, automatic email notifications, & customer purchase insights
Feature products from any paid collaboration, affiliate network, ambassador program or from the web
Simplify access to your shop by being Mobile & Web Optimized with SSL Security included
Enjoy Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth, and Shop Hosting
More Features
raqk system features built in

an innovative new channel to get paid for content

You can now offer the Brands you work with a powerful new way to share content with your audience in a professional setting with a clear call to action. With your raqk shop, you can easily add custom content to each product you feature, from photos, to blog entries, recipes, videos and more.

earn higher commission. work direct.

With baked-in marketplace functionality within each raqk shop, you can now take product submissions directly from Brands to feature in your shop and accept higher commission offers than traditional affiliate networks. By working direct, you can earn more, build a customer base, offer product exclusives, and be paid real-time on each customer purchase.

earn higher commission work direct

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